Shooting Range

The Bunker

Memorial Cemetery

The Beginnings

The Prisoners

Slave Labor

Suffering and Dying



The Jourhaus


Roll-Call Area

The Monument



Admission procedure

Prisoner Baths

Everyday routine

Pole Hanging

Bunker Courtyard


Camp Prison

Standing Bunker

Camp Road


Religious Memorials

Disinfection Barracks

Rabbit Hutches


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The Grounds of the camp


The Dachau concentration camp complex encompasses both the actual main camp in Dachau itself as well as a number of subsidiary camps (approx. 170) of varying size spread across the entire area of southern Germany and extending into Austria.


The main camp comprised of the actual prisoners' camp, the SS area as well as various subsidiary camps, such as the so-called plantation, the shooting range at Hebertshausen, and the burial grounds for concentration camp prisoners, now the Concentration camp Memorial Cemetery Dachau-Leitenberg.



The Main camp.

1. Concentration camp Memorial Site (prisoners' camp)

2. Former SS grounds

3. Former concentration camp work detail

    Plantation herbal garden

4. Memorial Site at the Hebertshausen Shooting Range

5. Concentration camp Cemetery Leitenberg

6. Wald Cemetery (concentration camp burial ground)


The Prisoners' camp


1 The Camp Road

2 Accommodation Barracks

3 Roll-Call Area

4 Jourhaus (guard building) - entrance

5 Maintenance Building

6 Disinfection Barrack

7 Camp Market Garden

8 Ditches with electrified barbed-wire and camp walls

9 Guard Towers

10 Camp Detention (Bunker)

11 Crematorium