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Propaganda shot of the roll call


This photo was taken by Friedrich Franz Bauer in June 1938. Commissioned by the SS, it was never published. The last Nazi propaganda photo report on the Dachau concentration camp was taken in 1936. The photo is staged as a propaganda image for the National Socialists. The falsified message says: “The Dachau concentration camp is a labor and re-education camp.”


The photo was taken on the roll-call area. The disparaging view of the camera looking down from above onto the heads of the prisoners conveys their inferior position. This conscious defamation of the prisoners is carefully underlined by the choice of light and shadow. The prisoners are not presented as individuals but rather their faces and bodies are evoked as part of a group called the “pest of the people.


Propaganda shot of the roll call

Friedrich Franz Bauer, 6/28/1938.