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Shooting Range


Located at Hebertshausen, a municipality adjoining Dachau, is a shooting range that was built for the SS. Apparently in 1937 a facility with two short shooting lanes between three bulwarks was set up. The shooting lanes were enclosed with a bunker that served as a bullet catch. Adjacent to this are a row of five long shooting lanes, which were connected to one another by a protected walkway at one end.


Some 4,000 imprisoned Soviet soldiers were executed there between 1941 and 1945. These murders were a clear violation of the provisions laid down in the Geneva Convention for prisoners of war. The SS used the cynical term "special treatment" for these criminal executions. The first executions of the Soviet prisoners of war at the Hebertshausen shooting range took place on November 25, 1941.


The prisoners brought to Dachau for execution were not recorded in the concentration camp files. Today, an arduous evaluation of the lists and statistics from the prisoner camps at Hammelburg in the Rhone, Nuremberg-Langwasser, and Moosburg on the Isar is trying to obtain a complete record of the names.


In addition, on the grounds of the shooting range, covering a total of 85,000 Sq. meters, stands the former SS guardhouse, which is used today by the City of Dachau as a shelter for homeless people.


A memorial stone erected in 1964 remembers the prisoners of war murdered there.


Shooting Range Memorial