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Prisoners in front of the sick-bay


The Czech prisoner Rudolf Cisar secretly took this photo in 1943; it shows the block road running between barracks 7 and 9. The prisoners are standing at a wooden fence that separates the so-called sick-bay, operating as camp hospital, from the main camp road.


Medical care in the camp was totally inadequate. Medical experiments on humans were also carried out in the sick-bay. During his visit to Dachau in 1955 the survivor Nico Rost recalled the medical experiments:


Even today, so many years after the liberation, the visitor still feels a certain fear when he reaches the side street to what used to be Block 3. That was the barrack that prisoners feared most - the barrack for experiments, Dr. Rascher's empire...This is where atrocities were committed that surpassed all the other horrendous crimes committed in German concentration camps. SS doctors committed them on defenseless prisoners, abused them for their so-called medical experiments.